2004 Bentley Continental GT


Beautifully constructed, opulent and with effortless performance

With a 6-litre W12 engine with 552bhp, this car is capable of whisking 4 passengers in opulent surroundings at nearly 200mph.

Garage Sportique are delighted to present this very well presented and meticulously maintained Continental GT that has the benefit of a thick history file showing continued servicing and use by it's most recent stewards. Representing incredible value for money, this motor car is the epitome of a gentleman's cruiser capable of 0-60 in under 5 seconds while being comfortable enough to traverse continents in short order.


Presenting in inky black paintwork that wears it's modest 67.5k miles extremely well, the car is imposing and elegant with bags of road presence.

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The fabulously opulent interior is specified with soft and buttery black leather, stunning wooden dash and instrument binnacle together with infotainment and satnav in a reassuringly traditional format complete with physical buttons, and no touch screen. Seat heating, climate control and all electronic functions operate as they should, keyless go via a central push button initiates a pleasing but muted growl from the W12 that can only be heard when you plant your right foot. The interior of the car overall presents beautifully and again wears it's miles well, a testament to the love and care of attentive ownership.

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The 6 litre W12 engine has been well maintained and most recently serviced. The mechanicals of the car appear to be in as good order with the car accelerating smoothly and well through the automatic gearbox, braking swiftly and consistently and cornering with surprising agility for such a large and well appointed car. Various modes including Sport can be selected easily by pressing down on the Bentley button atop the gear lever, notwithstanding the option to select your own gear using the paddles situated at 9 and 3 O'Clock behind the wheel, within easy reach of a finger.

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A significant investment in service and maintenance is evident from the well stamped service booklet together with a number of receipts and invoices. The continued ownership and attentive care evident from both the condition of the car and the presence of such orderliness and investment. Both of the beautifully engineered Bentley keys are present as are the original book pack.


This car is a fabulous opportunity to be on the right side of the depreciation curve.  With an original sale price in excess of £110, 000 and supercar beating performance, extremely luxurious leather upjolstered interior and an elegant and smart appearance, this car represents wonderful value and is quite frankly a joy to drive. What value this offers for someone looking for something a bit different and with elegance and charm to boot.

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5+ Owners, Satellite Navigation, Climate Control, Alloy Wheels (19in), Computer, In Car Entertainment (Radio/CD Autochanger), Seats Electric (Memory Driver/Passenger), Telephone Equipment (Mobile Preparation), Upholstery Leather

Service History

22/07/04 Jack Barclay, London ODO: 000017 Pre Delivery Inspection
07/09/04 HR Owen Bentley, London ODO: 002219 6 weeks service
19/05/05 HR Owen Bentley, London ODO: 009784 10k service
09/05/06 Bentley Kent, Sevenoaks ODO166261 20k service
28/03/07 Bentley Hampshire ODO: 023223 3 year service
06/03/08 Bentley Hampshire ODO: 027673 4 year service
27/02/09 Bentley Hampshire ODO: 030175 5 year service
29/07/10 Bentley Manchester ODO: 036997 6 year service
26/07/11 Bentley Manchester ODO: 039666 7 year service
10/07/12 Bentley Services Cheshire ODO: 041406 8 year service
02/07/15 GT Services Cheshire ODO: 044416 service
23/05/17 Harwoods Bentley, West Sussex ODO: 049329 10 year service
28/05/19 Bentley Birmingham ODO: 061931 minor service
22/07/20 Cherub Autos Bentley Specialists ODO: 064731 Interim service
16/08/21 Cherub Autos Bentley Specialists ODO 066114 14 year service

Current ODO: 67500

MOT to 16/08/2022

Avi Tandon

My name is Avi, and I am a Consignment Specialist at Garage Sportique. With a passion for specialist cars, broad knowledge and extensive experience, I understand how to bring a car to market effectively and aim to achieve the best possible results for my clients. At Garage Sportique, we have combined several fundamental processes to create a digital showroom offering only the very best examples. Please get in touch if you are looking to buy or sell with us.

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