2002 Ferrari 360 Challenge.


Race ready customer challenge car

Recently subject of a significant investment and testing programme including new FIA compliant fire suppressant system, airjack service, 8 x new coil packs and plugs, new wheel bearings and correct titanium studs, new oil cooler, brackets and hoses, SD2 software check at Graypaul Ferrari, rolling road check with RnR Performance, track test, exhaust manifolds newly ceramic coated.
The car is beautifully presented including the curvaceous N-GT bodykit, a spare set of genuine Challenge spec wheels and the challenge grill on the rear. Plenty of clutch life remaining and expensive parts recently replaced.

Internally, the combination of fireproof materials and Ferrari branding together with the safety equipment, cage and lack of sound deadening make this car an atmospheric and wonderful place to sit. Climbing in over the roll bar and settling into the (in date) race seat, wrapping your hands around the removable alcantara steering wheel and hitting the start button will fire up the fabulous V8 not far behind your ears. Pulling the right hand paddle controls the actuator that engages first gear and provides a fantastic mechanical response. Curl your toes down and start to pull forward onto your out lap!

This is not your average tired race car. Instead it has had hours of knowledgeable and detailed attention so that it is beautifully presented and on point to race / have fun on trackdays, with the new owner benefitting from this recent investment and preparation.

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Engine: 3,856cc, V8
Production date: 2002
Transmission: Six-speed single plate semi automatic paddle shift
Power: 410 bhp @ 8,500 rpm
Torque: 286 ft lbs @ 4,750 rpm
Weight: 1,169 kg
0-60 mph: 3.9 sec (est)
Top Speed: 183 mph (est)

N-GT bodied race car with new safety equipment and programme of investment and testing including software check and rolling road means this car is both beautiful and on the button, ready to race.

Adam Dawson

My name is Adam and I am one of the founders of Garage Sportique. Regularly competing in club racing and generally messing about in cars for the last few decades has given me some perspectives on having fun on four wheels and I like to drone on about it in these pages, but most of all I love discovering mint and unusual cars for sale and sharing them with the enthusiast market.

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