1986 Bentley Turbo


One of the very first Bentley Turbos

Delivered by HR Owen of London in 1986 for more than £88,000, surely the equivalent of £250,000 in today's money.

Quintessentially British, like a boxer in a Saville Row suit, there really is nothing like the original Bentley Turbo. Whether an international man of mystery, cruising down through the South of France or simply popping for Sunday Lunch with one's better half, this Turbo will surely make every journey an absolute pleasure.


Finished in virtually blemish free Claret, this car has for the last 20 years been part of a cherished car collection, stored and maintained correctly in house. This lavish attention has certainly saved this car from the ravages of time and shoe string maintenance affecting many Bentleys of this period, and perhaps puts it in the top tier of those cars currently offered.

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Inside the Turbo is a decadent combination of finest and seemingly endless magnolia hide, beautiful wood veneers and deep lambs wools carpets making this a wonderful place to spend time. The quality of the switches and chrome plating reminiscent of a 5 star ocean liner. The car presents well with a charming patina throughout commensurate with a car of half the age and half the miles.

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The car sits on a correct set of Avonspeed tyres. Despite having been well maintained in house for 20 years we thought prudent to send it to a highly regarded Bentley specialist, who having changed all the fluids, completed a spanner check and fettle, have pronounced the car fit and well and ready for a new chapter.

Fill it with lots of petrol and just waft and enjoy. Put your foot down, however, and it will still unleash armageddon. Truly the car is a wolf in sheep's clothing with the engineers at Bentley seemingly unconstrained by bean counters, the beefed up suspension and brakes happy to accept hustling the car along at a lick, as it really has no right to.

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Supplied with all its books and stamped up from new service booklet, including Bentley dealers and Rolls Royce Crewe up until it went to one specialist for many years. Since 2000 it has been in collection and very little paperwork accompanies the car from that period. This car includes a very rare build sheet and delivery note from HR Owen. There are many MOTs and, of course, the last service mentioned above with a stamp for this.


The presence, build quality and drive are of a car many times the asking price. Quite how these cars have been overlooked is a mystery. Many have fallen on hard times, but driving a lovely one is a true joy, an absolute glorious addition to your garage.

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Engine: 6.75 L Turbo Bentley V8
Production date: 1986
Transmission: Auto 3 speed
Power and Torque: 'Adequate sir'

Mileage: 100,525

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